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How to Permanently Delete a Yahoo Account

OmgUp! - Before talking about how to delete a yahoo mail account permanently, you should first know a few things that will happen after you close your Yahoo account forever, such as the email address you have used will most likely not be able to be registered again, for 90 days the deletion can still be canceled or reactivated and the other.

How to Permanently Delete a Yahoo Account

When we decide to close a Yahoo email account, all services from Yahoo connected will be deleted, including Flickr and photos that you have uploaded will also be deleted, besides this process can not be canceled if it exceeds the delay time of 90 days.

If you have a social media account or something else that uses an e-mail address that will be deleted, you should first change it before closing the account permanently.

How to Permanently Delete a Yahoo Account

  • Visit https://edit.yahoo.com/config/delete_user
  • Then log in to the account that you want to delete
  • Read carefully the warning that appears so you know what the risks are after disabling Yahoo mail.
  • Fill in your yahoo mail password and the captcha code that appears in the column provided then click Close This Account
  • Done.


# 1 Can account closure be canceled?
You can if it is still within 90 days, how to simply log in using the account will then be taken to a page to reactivate your Yahoo account.

# 2 After being closed can the email address be registered again?
A very small possibility you can re-register the same Yahoo ID, usually, when trying to create an account with the same ID, the information will appear can not be used or asked to enter the waiting list and must pay for the service.

# 3 Is there a guarantee, the Yahoo account can not be registered again?
Although it is unlikely to be used again, there is no guarantee because clearly, Yahoo itself writes the following information:
In addition, due to the limited names available, we may allow other users to register and use Yahoo! IDs ​​and profile names. You are currently after your account has been deleted.

It's easy not to delete your Yahoo mail account permanently or forever, and you should know before you close that you know all the risks that will occur as described above.

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