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What is Kimchi? These 10 Benefits Kimchi for Health

OmgUp! - What is Kimchi? Kimchi is a Korean food made from fermented vegetables. The types of vegetables that are made into kimchi can be various kinds, according to taste. The name Kimchi might be very familiar to you who often watch Korean dharma or take part in the television program of the Ginseng Country.

White mustard and radish are the vegetables most often used to make Korean kimchi. Both vegetables are usually mixed with shallots, garlic, leeks, red chili powder, sugar, salt, ginger, oysters, squid, or other seafood. So, you already know what is Kimchi?

What is Kimchi? These 10 Benefits Kimchi for Health
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In its manufacture, Korean Kimchi is naturally fermented in low temperatures so that fresh vegetables are good for the body. The pressure of lactic acid bacteria that produces bacteriocin from kimchi is named Lactobacillus kimchi. These bacteria produce lactic acid which is higher than yogurt.

Besides being able to add flavor, lactic acid can kill bacteria and viruses that harm the body. Because of that, the benefits of kimchi are predicted as a food that is rich in antibacterial. The lactic acid in bacteria is also beneficial for digestion. Korean kimchi is low in calories, high in fiber, and contains lots of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin B1 (Thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), calcium, and iron.

After knowing what Kimchi is and the various nutritional content of Kimchi, do you know what are the benefits of Kimchi for health?

Here are 10 benefits of Kimchi for health that need to be known before you decide to routinely eat typical foods from Korea.

10 Benefits of Kimchi for Health

Overall, the benefits of Kimchi include:

Prevent cancer

You certainly already know what Kimchi is. Kimchi is a healthy secret of Korean people who are now starting to be liked and consumed by people in various parts of the world. One of the benefits of kimchi for health is preventing cancer. This is because Kimchi has high antioxidant and flovanoid content to kill cancer cells.

Increases immunity

Kimchi is not only delicious, but this Korean food also makes the immune system more immune to attacks from various diseases, such as flu, inflammation, and others. This is because Kimchi contains good bacteria as a result of vegetable fermentation carried out in the processing process.

Promotes the body's metabolism

The delicious kimchi is comparable to the benefits of Kimchi for health. You not only have to know what Kimchi is but also have to know the efficacy of Kimchi for health-related to the expression of metabolic enhancing genes. The expression of metabolic genes that change significantly due to routine consumption of kimchi insufficient but not excessive amounts, is proven to be able to make the body healthy because metabolism is more smooth.

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Treat constipation

An explanation of what the Kimchi above mentioned is that Kimchi is made from vegetables that contain lots of fiber. This is certainly very effective for treating constipation. So, consume Korean kimchi regularly with an amount that is not excessive so you avoid the problem of defecation.

Prevent viral-related diseases such as stomach disease and intestinal inflammation

Good bacteria in Kimchi are great for increasing endurance. That is, the body will be more immune to ward off various diseases that come, such as stomach disease and inflammation of the intestine.

Prevent strokes, coronary heart problems, and blockage of blood vessels

As one of the healthiest foods in the world, the benefit of kimchi for other health is to prevent diseases related to the circulatory system. Kimchi can strengthen heart performance, prevent strokes, and avoid the symptoms of arterial blockage because the ingredients of Korean kimchi contain allicin and selenium.

Increase appetite

Do you often experience problems with poor appetite? Regular consumption of Kimchi can increase your appetite. The efficacy of Kimchi for health to increase appetite is widely applied by avoiding Kimchi among the main food menu, especially if you dine in Korean restaurants.

Prevent high cholesterol

The benefits of kimchi for other health is to prevent high cholesterol. Kimchi can control cholesterol levels in the blood so it is very healthy for consumption.

Maintain weight

You might know what Kimchi is from an event featuring Korean artists. What is Kimchi, of course, you already know because many Korean artists consume it? Consumption of Korean kimchi can indeed keep the body slim so that many consume kimchi to support the diet. The benefits of Kimchi for health associated with maintaining this weight are related to high fiber in Kimchi.

Treat allergies

The benefits of Kimchi for further health is to treat allergies. For those of you who have allergies, Most have inflammation of the skin, you can use Kimchi to assume you.

It's proven that Kimchi is a very healthy food from various events that have been reported in Korea, so you don't hesitate to consume Kimchi.

In 2003 during the SARS outbreak that attacked Asia, Korea became a safe country from the deadly disease. If there are infected Korean people, it will recover soon. This often happens because Koreans often consume Kimchi.

Now you have found what is Kimchi and Kimchi's benefits for health. Consume a sufficient amount of Korean kimchi for your health.

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