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This Man Died in a Cinema Chair When Watching Annabelle Comes Home

This Man Died in a Cinema Chair When Watching Annabelle Comes Home - The different sensations and adrenaline are spurred, making the horror genre the favorite one. However, recently a man reportedly died while watching a horror film Annabelle Comes Home.

The British man named Bernand Channing (78) died in theaters on Tuesday (07/02/2019) when he was on vacation in Thailand. He also had time to visit tourist attractions in Pattaya, the Bangkok Post reported.

The incident was revealed after a woman sitting next to her was surprised to see Bernand's condition. He then shouted for help. An emergency call is made at 20:00 local time.

This Man Died in a Cinema Chair When Watching Annabelle Comes Home
Images via thumbor.forbes.com

Miror reported that Bernand's body was covered and taken away by a side door and put into an ambulance.

"There were a number of people at the entrance who spoke with staff. They were in the cinema where the man died and they were very sad. They were very surprised by what happened. Some people were sitting near the corpse," said Monthira Phengrat, one of the residents. reported by World of Buzz.

"Cinema staff are very concerned and they are trying to prevent anyone from seeing what is happening. We are forbidden to take pictures," he continued.

According to a staff member, the victim had bought a ticket to watch the film. However, a witness said that the man had collapsed before the film began.

While the police said that Bernard's body had been taken to a hospital in Banglamung. An autopsy is being carried out to determine the cause of death. However, no information has been released.

Reported by The Sun, this is the second time someone has reportedly died in a cinema while watching a horror film. In 2016, a 65-year-old man from India was reported to have had a heart attack while watching The Conjuring 2.

If you have a problem with the heart, take precautions such as drugs or do not do activities that worsen the heart condition.

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