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The Most Terrible Roads in the World

The Most Terrible Roads in the World - If you are a person who likes challenges, traveling through terrible paths and extremes can be your vacation choice. In addition to fresh thoughts again, adrenaline is also encouraged.

Roads are made to make it easier for humans to reach places that are the destination. Even though the terrain is difficult, the road must still be there. Many roads are built on extreme terrain. Crossing this road certainly makes our heart beat fast.

Areas with uneven topographic conditions such as mountains, slopes and valleys make the streets extreme. Here are the five most terrible roads in the world according to CNN, dare you try?

Stelvio Pass, Italia

The Most Terrible Roads in the World

Stelvio Pass, located in Italy, is a lane with sharp turns. Even though it is known to be terrible, this road is always crowded across every summer.

Apart from being known for its terrible paths, the scenery at Stelvio is very beautiful. Especially if the Friends of Dream cross this line in the morning. chic treats on the eastern side of the Alps are ready to make eyes stunned.

Also from the east side of the Alps, we can see the Stelvio line with its 75 turns at an altitude of 9,045 feet. If Dream Friends want to go there, it is recommended from June to October.

Transfagarasan, Romania

In Romania, there are extreme roads located in the Carpathian Mountains. Besides being challenging, this pathway also has historical value which is quite complicated during the Soviet invasion of Romania.

During the construction of this road in the 1970s, there were hundreds of people killed by a dynamite explosion. The cliffs were blown up so that they could be made a way.

This line is at an altitude of 1,630 feet to 6,700 feet with a length of 71 miles. You can imagine how terrible this path is. Judging from the photo, we can see the design of a path similar to endless hairpins.

James W. Dalton Highway, USA

The Most Terrible Roads in the World

In addition to the plains of Europe, roads with terrible paths also exist in the United States. Precisely in the Alaska region and has a distance of 414 miles from Livengood to Deadhorse. This line is also in the Arctic Circle, crossing the Brooks Mountains towards the Arctic Ocean.

Built in the 1970s, this road was originally used to facilitate the oil pipeline. Over time, this terrible path is increasingly popular and many people are curious to try to get past it.

Trollstigen, Norwegia

The Most Terrible Roads in the World

Before trying this one line, it is strongly recommended to drink Dramamine first. Trollstigen, located in Norway, has 11 sharp turns similar to hairpins and stretches through the mountains. Just like in a fairyland.

Uniquely, along this road we will be treated to impressive views. One of them, Stigfossen waterfall which has a height of 1,000 feet. In this lane, a place of rest for visitors is also provided before starting another horrible journey.

Rute 40, Argentina

The Most Terrible Roads in the World

This is a 3,100-mile national road. This road stretches from La Quiaca, Jujuy to the Bolivian border. Unlike the previous horrible road, this one has not all been paved. On this route we can also pass through a national park that runs parallel to the Andes Mountains.

Weather in this lane area is very difficult to guess. In addition, some of these routes are wild and remote areas. If you still intend to pass this route, it's better to rent a car and make sure the condition of the engine is healthy.

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