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How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently

OmgUp! - Why does your reason for removing the alias delete your Google email account forever? Starting from the account it is no longer working or even hacked by an irresponsible party that could be dangerous for yourself.

Don't want to, right? So this time we will review the full reasons and how to permanently delete Google or Gmail email accounts that you can do yourself using a PC or laptop.

How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently

Well before your decision is unanimous to delete the Google account, aka Gmail that you have, first pay attention to a few things as follows.

  • You cannot access messages in Gmail, reminders in Calendar, files on Drive and other services connected to your Gmail account.
  • Everything you have purchased on the Google Play Store, Play Movie, PlayBook, or Play Music will be lost.
  • The list of Android contacts that you store in your Gmail account will disappear.
  • You can't create a Gmail account with the same username again.

How to Backup Important Data from a Gmail Account

After you understand the risks, then you can backup or make a backup of the data connected to your Gmail account. The steps are as follows.

Step 1 - Go to the Google Account Page
First, you just visit the https://myaccount.google.com/ link in the browser. Here you can go to the Data & personalization tab then select Download your data.

Step 2 - Select the Reserved Application
On the Download your data page, you just select which application data you want to backup. Scroll down until you find the Next button and click.

Step 3 - Perform Backup
Next, you will be asked to have a file type, backup size to copy link options, Google Drive or Dropbox for backup places. If you have click Create Archive.

Step 4 - Complete Backup
If so, then you have to wait a while for all your data to be backed up and you can download the copy guys.

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How to delete Google Email on PC / Laptop

One of the easiest steps is to delete your Gmail account using a PC or laptop. What are the steps?

Step 1 - Go to the Google Account Page
Go to the https://myaccount.google.com/ page then go to the Data & Personalization tab and select Delete a service or your account.

Step 2 - Delete Total or Permanent Gmail Accounts
Then you just select the Delete your account option to delete completely and permanently your Google email account.

Step 3 - Confirm Password
Previously, Google also asked you to re-enter the Google account password that you have.

Step 4 - Delete the Gmail Account
Finally, there will be a confirmation page before deleting the account. If you already understand and agree, you can just activate the checkmark and click Delete Account.

Well, that's the steps and how to easily delete a Gmail or Google account and you can do it yourself.

Hopefully, with this guide, you can secure your personal data and don't forget to be careful before doing it. Good luck!

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