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Concept Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms

Concept Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms - Many parents forget that a child's bedroom is one of the important spaces in the house. There are a number of reasons that make it important, including the existence of a break room to make the baby become more independent because he is accustomed to sleeping alone and other factors namely the comfort factor where the baby will be more comfortable resting in his own room.

Unfortunately, most parents in Indonesia are not aware of these things. So the number of little ones sleeping with their parents is still very busy. In fact, besides for health and psychological reasons, your baby will definitely be happy to have his own bedroom. Especially if the break room has a cute design - cute and cute like some of the latest 2019 children's bedroom designs below:

Design of Girls' Room A

Concept Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms A
Images via dailymail.co.uk

This one girl's bedroom looks very sweet and girly with a touch of artificial flowers along the railing bed. If most girls' rooms are dominated by pink, then this room is different. The dominance of using visible colors is white and brick / brick accents on the wall.

Design of Girls' Room B

Concept Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms B
Imaage via donpedrobrooklyn.com

Tired of seeing pink as the main paint color in the little rest room? The choice of turquoise color can then be an option. This color can be chosen because it implies brighter rays but still soft views. Match with beautiful female-style wall hangings and white furniture to make it more charming.

Girls Room C

Concept Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms C
Images via Popsugar.com

The theme that is being hit is the Unicorn can also be adopted to be the main theme of the kids bedroom. With simple decor and furniture, it is suitable for those who are lazy on maximum decor but still want something beautiful for the baby.

Girls' Bedroom D

Concept Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms D
Image via Stevelarese.com

The use of more colors can give the bedroom a colorful impression. In addition to using more colors, solid matching motifs are also more optimal with the presence of fruit motifs, cloud motif triangle motifs and polka dots.

Girls Bedroom E

Concept Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms E
Images via Stevelarese.com

This room managed to bring pink in to the whole next level because pemadupadanan pink shades from the pale to the bold can be found here. To avoid the impression of being too boring, a few white and gray items and knick-knacks can be included. Don't forget to also install matching colored wallpapers and soft motifs to be installed in the room.

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