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7 Unique Facts About Jisoo Blackpink

OmgUp! - Kim Ji Soo or who is also familiarly called Jisoo BLACKPINK is one of the most humorous members. The other BLACKPINK members admitted that they were good mood spreaders in the group.

Occupying a position as a visual in the group, made many people think that Jisoo BLACKPINK was a graceful and calm figure. However, this cannot be fully justified.

Why? Because this beautiful girl seems to have an unexpected personality. She has many interesting, unique, and quite ridiculous facts. Maybe after knowing that you don't believe that an idol can have a personality like himself.

7 Unique Facts About Jisoo Blackpink
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Well, if you are a BLINK, surely you already know what the unique habits of this member are? For those who don't know, just go ahead and see the summary of the facts Jisoo BLACKPINK below.

Besides that, there are many interesting things inside Kim Ji Soo that we have summarized and are obligatory for you to know. Anything, huh? If you're curious, see the following review, let's!

7 Unique Facts About Jisoo Blackpink

Cameo in Drama The Producers

Even though it hasn't debuted, it has become known to many people. That is because, before the debut with other members, Jisoo BLACKPINK is one of the members whose faces are most often on the screen.

In 2015, She appeared as a cameo in one of the Korean drama titles, The Producers. Kim Ji Soo was not alone, She was accompanied by his senior, Sandara Park and Kang Seung Yoon (Winner), Minwoo (Boyfriend), and Kim Min Jae.

In the drama, Kim Ji Soo and the others were told as an idol who became a new member of the variety show program, 1 Night 2 Days.

Although only got a small role and appeared only in a matter of minutes, but its appearance was able to attract attention. She acts as a new idol who is still innocent and looks cute but a little outspoken.

If you are curious about what the cuteness is in the drama, just watch it right away. There will be a silly scene between him and Sandara Park that will make you laugh.

Have a 4D personality

If in BTS there is V or also known as Taehyung who has a 4D personality, at BLACKPINK, Kim Ji Soo is the person.

What is a 4D personality? Personality 4D is a famous term in Korea for people who have unexpected personalities and tend to be absurd.

Kim Ji Soo is one of the most laughing members. She also likes to do things out of the habit of normal people.

In a music awards event, this beautiful woman was once found to be doing something absurd outside the habits of other normal people. She was caught on camera when She put a drink bottle on his shoulder when another colleague was seriously paying attention to the program.

Aware of his ridiculous behavior recorded by the camera, She immediately stopped his activities and smiled shyly while covering his face. Luckily beautiful, huh. So I'm not really shy.

Good at playing musical instruments

Besides Rose who is good at playing guitar and Lisa who plays the ukulele, Jisoo is also good at playing string instruments, guitars.

Not only guitars, but She can also play other musical instruments, namely traditional Korean drums (buk). When guesting on Weekly Idol, She held a show to show his skills in opening books.

However, returning to his 4D personality, at first She didn't seriously play the book. Other members and hosts also doubted Jisoo's talent and thought She had won.

However, then She proved that She played the book regularly. And apparently, She had learned to play it since She was in junior high school.

Give a nickname to someone else as she wants

Still in the Weekly Idol program, this visual from BLACKPINK claims that She has a funny call for the members of his group. The call seems original but unique.

Jennie has a special call from Jisoo, namely "Jen-deuk-ee", while Rose gets a unique call "Pasta Rose", and for Lisa, Jisoo calls her "Nal-la-la-la".

The nickname just came out of Jisoo's mouth and whether it had its own meaning or meaning or not. When asked if She also had a nickname for his CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, She claimed She did not have it.

But Jisoo has created a song that She used to sing to greet YG, but unfortunately YG just passed and didn't pay attention to the welcome song that was also sung with the other members.

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MV Star Partner one Label

Apart from being a cameo in the drama The Producers, while still a trainee, Jisoo BLACKPINK was also busy with starring in video clips from his seniors at YG Entertainment.

In 2014, She was involved in making a music video (MV) from Epik High entitled Spoiler. There She plays a woman who is often ignored by his lover.

In this video clip, there is also an epilogue and takes another Epik High song called Happen Ending. In this epilogue, Jisoo is said to have had a relationship with another man.

The former lover who ignored him first looked very sorry for wasting it all this time after She saw with his own eyes that Jisoo was walking with someone else.

His skill in acting in the video clip also continued in the HISUHYUN MV which was hosted by Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun AKMU in the song I 'M Different in collaboration with IKON rapper, Bobby.

In this MV, Jisoo plays Bobby's girlfriend, the idol man who was contested by Lee Hi and Suhyun.

Appear on Multiple Ads

Still, in the trainee period, this woman born on January 3, 1995, also starred in several commercial advertisements. In 2015, She was paired with a million idol actor, Lee Min Ho, for a bag product, SAMSONITE RED.

This ad first aired on January 16, 2015. In the ad, Jisoo looks very natural even though it collided with acting actor Lee Min Ho's caliber.

Still, in the same year, She starred in advertisements for Nikon 1 J5 products, Angel Stone, and SMART UNIFORM which She starred with all IKON members.

The following year, she was also involved in making advertisements with IKON members for smartphone products, LG Stylus2.

Really like Pikachu

Another interesting fact about Jisoo is that she is known to like everything Pikachu thinks. She has a lot of merchandise from this Pokemon character.

While his love is with Pikachu, She has a nickname representing his name and Pikachu, namely Jichu.

That's 7 unique facts about Jisoo, visual from BLACKPINK, which might increase your level of admiration. Aside from her beauty, you know the unique things inside her.

She hasn't debuted, She has attracted a lot of attention. And luckily, the debut of Jisoo's song with other BLACKPINK members was arguably able to attract the attention of many people and was also very successful.

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