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6 Ways to Make Money Online by Watching Videos Only Modern People Know!

OmgUp! - Watching videos is fun. Either you want to kill the time or keep boredom at bay, there is always a reason to watch an online video. How about being paid for every video you watched? It might sound too good to be true but it is possible to make money online by watching videos.

6 Ways to Make Money Online by Watching Videos Only Modern People Know!
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Time goes by and collecting money is not as hard as before. Since the internet struck people’s life, you can do a lot of things in an easier way including to earn money. Get to know 6 ways to earn money by watching videos and you will do it all day long!

Try These 6 Ways to Make Money Online by Watching Videos

Swagbucks TV

Swagbucks TV offers you easy money only by watching their videos. Simply watch the videos on the loop and you will be eligible for extra cash. Swagbucks TV is a great choice of obtaining passive income while having fun with entertaining videos. There are stories from people who successfully make extra cash from this site only by watching videos. The best part is that Swagbucks TV offers you $5 when you sign up.

Netflix Tagger

Everybody loves Netflix. How about earning money from this famous TV and video service? Being a Netflix tagger, you are required to categorize movies or programs into specific categories. In short, you help Netflix show proper video program to the proper users who would like to watch the video. However, you need to work around 15 hours per week. Make sure you apply quickly because the position is not always available.

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Rev Captioner

This might sound like a job for you. Being a Rev captioner means you have to watch TV or videos and transcribe any words you hear on TV. This is how you can make a lot of money from home or anywhere else because they will pay around $200 - $1500. Make sure you have good listening skills. You might also want to know that you need to pass the test before being hired as a captioner.

Perk TV

Another website that gives you easy money only by watching videos is Perk TV. You do not need to do anything but register to the website and watch any videos from Perk TV. Let’s say that you will be paid for watching your favorite movies on TV shows. What can be better than this? Collect as much point by watching the program so that you can redeem for gift cards.


For some people, InboxDollar is a good source of extra cash. It makes sense considering the website provides a reward program that allows you to make money by watching videos or ads. There is no major difference with another website as InboxDollar also offers free $5 when you sign up. If you do not mind to watch any videos or ads, InboxDollar is a choice to go.

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Grab Points

The last but not least, Grab Points which was formerly known as Zoombucks provides a lot of fun to make money. This website requires you to watch videos or TV on their websites and gives you easy money. There are many other things that you can do such as doing surveys, playing games, and downloading apps. Through these ways, you can add up points with ease.

There is nothing better in this world than having fun and being paid at the same time. Those 6 ways to make money online by watching videos are truly worth trying. Without too much effort, you can earn money from anywhere else including from home. Choose one that you like the most and get extra passive income without abandoning your main job.

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