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5 Best Beaches to Visit in July

OmgUp! - July is the second month for the summer period, for the northern part of the earth, this month is the warmest season. But for the southern hemisphere, July is the coldest season.

Citing CNN, here are five beaches in several countries that are worth a visit in July, regardless of the season.

Bliss, Amerika Serikat

5 Best Beaches to Visit in July
Image Source - tripsavvy.com

Who requires that the beach be identical to the stretch of sand, warmth, and all the features of the imagined image? Coastal beaches in the Lake Tahoe area, California will undermine the beautiful image of a beach.

Located at an altitude of 1,829 meters above sea level, it is not surprising if the scenery here is dominated by pine and several other large trees. The beach contour is also dominated by large rocks and water with temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius.

For anyone who wants to experience the atmosphere of a non-mainstream beach, it's good to visit Bliss.

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Polignano a Mare, Italy

5 Best Beaches to Visit in July
Image Source - italymagazine.com

Most tourists visiting Italy are those who want to satisfy their desire to eat, history, culture. It's very rare to go to Italy to visit the coastal region.

But in Polignano a Mare, what tourists often look for will be easy to find in this place. Even followed by a big bonus, namely the coastal area which became a port of beauty lovers and adrenaline junkies. Because in this place the beautiful jumpers used to do their hobby from cliffs.

Nissi, Republic of Cyprus

5 Best Beaches to Visit in July
Image Source - ytimg.com

The Republic of Cyprus is a country which is about 113 km south of Turkey. July is the most crowded moment to have a party in the beach area, one of his favorite places is Nissi Beach.

In this place, everything feels brighter and warmer. That could be because of the combination of various elements such as the music of the choice of DJs, cocktails, and sunshine that shines most of the year in this place.

Although synonymous with beaches for partying, archaeologists believe Nissi is home to the first human mob in Cyprus.

Mkambati, South Africa

5 Best Beaches to Visit in July
Image Source - wildcoast.co.za

If Indonesia has Lenggoksono Beach in Malang Regency, then South Africa has Mkambati. The similarity is that on both beaches there is a waterfall, but the difference in Mkambati is that the size of the waterfall is bigger and the arrangement of the rocks adds to the colossal impression.

Mkambati Beach cannot be accessed by land because the route is very steep, so tourists who want to see the beach are required to use canoes. The atmosphere of the adventure feels very thick here.

Amrum, Germany

5 Best Beaches to Visit in July
Image Source - hotelbeachside.com

Amrum Beach is one of the widest sandy beach areas in Europe, no wonder this place is a favorite location for tourists.

Not only pampering with a stretch of sand, but the beach also presents several attractions that are unfortunately to be ignored such as the lighthouse, the rural atmosphere of the Frisian people, bird watching locations, to several places to relax.

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