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4 Lies That Women Usually Say to Their Partners

4 Lies That Women Usually Say to Their Partners - Women sometimes lie to cover up their true feelings. Whether because they do not want to spark a fight, or hope that men can know their feelings by themselves. What kind of lies does a woman usually say to her lover? These are four of them, as quoted from the Times of India.

4 Lies That Women Usually Say to Their Partners

"Oh! It's okay. I'm fine"

Women tend to say something different from their true feelings. When he stated that he was fine, it could be that his heart was in disarray. Then, what causes women to hide their feelings?

"Women have a tendency to expect their lovers to understand what they feel without having to say it. But what happens is, this attitude makes a man confused and hesitant. By being quiet or going and saying softly, 'I'm fine', actually he wants his lover to know that his heart is hurt, "explained psychologist Dr. Aruba Broota.

"I love you just the way you are"

This sentence may be often uttered by women. But in reality, there are also many women who still demand their lovers to dress, behave and have what kind of haircut they like. Quoted from the Times of India, these words are usually said to please the lover. It could also be because he did not want to extend the fight so that his lover would be calmer.

"A man's confidence will increase as soon as he gets praise from his lover. Usually, those words are quite effective," said Madhu Chandra, a teacher in Delhi.

"Your friends are nice huh?"

Maybe women don't lie when they say these words. But most cases occur, women, lie about this because she doesn't want to be considered a destroyer of friendship. He also wanted his presence to be received by his beloved friends, although maybe he actually just wanted to be alone.

"Often women praise their beloved friends, for the sake of love affair goes well. He does not want to hurt his lover by telling the truth. But in a small heart, women hope men can understand without saying, which, unfortunately, usually does not happen," explained psychologist Dr. Sameer Parekh.

"To be honest with me, believe me, I won't be angry"

This lie is usually said when women ask honest opinions from men. Actually, he knows a little more or less about the answer, but still wants to hear it from others.

But, often women "forget" the promise he made if he would not be angry. Wrong delivery can upset him. This usually happens when a woman asks something related to her appearance, the food she cooks or the clothes she buys for her lover.

"It's not that women cannot accept honest criticism from their beloved, or expect praise every time. But what they want, the criticism is delivered with gentle sentences and given suggestions. They don't want to hear statements that are too straightforward," explained Parekh.

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