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11 Things To Do in Kuta Beach Bali

OmgUp! - Here are some of the activities that you can do on Kuta Beach Bali, you must have heard that maybe you have often come to Bali and traveled to Kuta Beach, but for those of you who have never been to Kuta Beach, I explain some of the activities that you should do when you're on Kuta beach.

11 Things To Do in Kuta Beach Bali
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Kuta Beach is a beach that is famous in Indonesia and even across the world, many films, soap operas made on this beach as their background setting, but does you know some of the activities that can be done on this Kuta beach?

11 Things To Do in Kuta Beach Bali

Take a photo on Kuta Beach Bali

You can take pictures of this beach in Kuta Bali, even many Professional Photographers who photograph wedding or wedding photography in this place, because of the beauty of Kuta beach, in addition to pro photographers for those of you who are narcissists never miss taking pictures on this Kuta beach

Sitting enjoying the view of Kuta Bali beach

You can sit back and relax in the sand while waiting for the sunset/sunrise while enjoying a cool drink in a taxi along the beach of Kuta, or while chatting casually and joking with friends. Sitting in the sand of the Kuta beach, I think it is very happy, looking at a beautiful beach, and seeing people passing by from various countries. I suggest that if you want to sit back and relax on Kuta beach, you bring a mat or buy beach cloth. so when you sit down, sit down while you are enjoying the natural beauty of Kuta beach.

Relaxing massage under a tree on Kuta Beach Bali

This one activity should not be missed if you are on Kuta beach, only paying 60-80 thousand, you can relax in the sand while massaging.

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Hair braid

For those of you who want to look beautiful, you can do hair braid activities on this Kuta beach, so many mothers here sell hair braid services, of course, you will definitely look beautiful if you are finished in braids. so your vacation will be fresher because your new hairstyle is like Bob Marley.


For those of you who like to bask in the hot sun, sunbathing on the shores of Kuta is also not left behind, but usually, Indonesians rarely do sunbathing activities, but I recommend doing this sunbathing activity in the morning from 7 to 8 in the morning to get the best sunshine. In addition to the sensation of sunbathing that makes us uncomfortable, our bodies are also getting healthier. I suggest that if you want to sunbathe on the side of the clock, it's better to coat your body with sun cream to avoid sunshine on your body, because if it's sunny in the sun, Kuta beach is stinging, producing sun burning on your shoulder.


For those of you who love water sports, the activities that can be done on Kuta Beach are playing surfing, many international tourists, both pro and not pro surfers, try the waves on Kuta Beach, if you can't surf you can learn to surf in this area, many services that provide brief lessons on the basis of how to play surfing. by paying around 200 thousand who are willing to teach you how to play surfing briefly.

Playing Boogie board

You can rent smaller and easier to play waves, called Boogie boards, rent around Rp. 50,000 per hour, playing is very easy, you just have to put a boogie board on when the waves hit, the sensation of playing a boogie board in Kuta is clearly hard to forget, but all you have to pay attention to is a safe zone for bathing and playing on the beach, usually in addition to the red and yellow flag You must not violate the play zone, because of the danger, the current is strong and it will be difficult for the coast guard to look after you.

Morning Run on Kuta Beach

For those of you who like to run, run morning or afternoon on Kuta beach is one of the most appropriate choices, because the sensation of a morning run or an afternoon run on the edge of Kuta Beach is definitely amazing, but please remember because this flight on the beach you must definitely think about the risks, the risk is that the shoes you use must be dirty and wet. but don't worry, for those of you who are afraid of their shoes being dirty, they can run on the path that has been provided.

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Release the Turtle Baby on Kuta Beach

At certain times there is a tradition of removing baby turtles or hatchlings on this Kuta beach if you are lucky you can see the hatchling release procession.

A place to gather at the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center. Entering from the main gate of Kuta beach (near Hard Rock Cafe) turn left around 50 meters right next to the Kuta Beach Task Force office, you will see a giant turtle statue.

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate, but children will be given priority. As part of an educational program about turtle protection.

Around April - October, this activity does not depend on whether or not the nest hatches every day. Sila gathered at the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center at 16.00 WITA.

Road to Beachwalk Bali

If you are bored with stunning Kuta Beach, you can walk a little to Beachwalk Bali, this place is the best hangout and shopping place in Bali, so don't miss it here. You can wash your eyes and relax here, at Beachwalk Bali there are many restaurants and cafes that are relaxed to rest your tired feet after walking on Kuta Bali beach.

Ride Delman on Kuta Beach Bali

Another exciting activity on Kuta Beach is riding a Delman, since some time ago the regent of Badung allowed the dock to operate on this Kuta beach attraction, by riding a gig you can enjoy eye washing to see all the excitement on Kuta Street.

Actually, there are many other activities on this Kuta beach, make sure there are no worries or don't be confused if you go to this Kuta beach, I make sure you will get a deep impression on this place.

What activities do you like most when you are on Kuta Beach Bali?

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