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10 Most Honored Presidents in the World

OmgUp! - The president is the leader of a country. As a head of state, the president is usually in charge of leading and managing the way of life and a country. The President is a leader who must have quality not only to influence his people but also influence the world. The presence of these presidents also brought changes in all aspects of life, both national and state.

There are a number of leaders in the world who have excellent abilities in leading their countries. Is it in its firmness, its leadership ability, its management, or its intelligence in leading a country? This then caused them not only to be respected by their people but also by the leaders of other countries.

A president must certainly have the quality and capacity as a leader in bringing change. If you remember, there are around 10 most respected presidents in the world and are remembered for all time.

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World

Abraham Lincoln

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
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Abraham Lincoln took office as president of the 16th United States. Serving since 1961 Lincoln was a leader who was able to bring the United States past his role. He also succeeded in eradicating the widespread slavery in the US, as well as strengthening national government and modernizing the country's economy. Thanks to his services he became one of the best US presidents and respected in the world. Unfortunately, he had to die because he was killed by the opposing party in 1965. However, until now his figure remains known as a democracy fighter in the world.

Nelson Mandela

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandella was born in South Africa on July 18, 1918, and died at the age of 95 in Johannesburg South Africa on December 5, 2013. He was a revolutionary Antiapartheid and a politician who served as president from 1994-1999. He was the first black South African to succeed as president through full representation.

His struggle to eradicate Apartheid politics, racism, poverty and inequality that has been common in South Africa. Thanks to this struggle, the African nation has an equal position in the eyes of other nations. Because of this, Nelson Mandella became the president of South Africa who was respected by the people and the world. As a form of respect, a monument to the statue of Nelson Mandella was established in the city center to remember all of his services.

George Washington

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
Image Source - history.com

George Washington is the first president of the United States. He is also the father of the nation and founder of this superpower country. He was a great leader who led the revolutionary United States.

He is respected by gakyan and the world because of the type of leadership that is committed and the ability to take vaginal discharge in difficult times. To commemorate his services, his last name, Washington, became the name of one of the cities which is the capital of the United States.

Mahatma Gandhi

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
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Mohandas Gandhi is one of the respected Indian leaders in the world. He is known as Bapu Bangsa or Father of Nations. He brought the struggle of India in achieving its independence through non-violent means. If the leaders of other countries will rely on war, then it is different from the path taken by Mahatma Gandhi. He studied Ahinsa or nonviolent struggle.

This struggle is carried out by means of civil registration and the boycott of foreign goods. Mahatma Gandhi showed consistency in achieving independence without sacrificing one soul.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
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Erdogan is the Turkish president who has served since 2014. Previously he was a Turkish politician who had previously served as prime minister from 2003-2014. He became a respected leader in the world, especially for Muslim countries in the world. He is a brave figure who firmly rejects cooperation with Israel if they insist on attacking Lebanon and Gaza.

In an international meeting, Erdogan did not hesitate to walk out because he was not pleased to sit in a room with Israeli leaders. His courage and firmness certainly deserve a thumbs up, when other countries hide. But Turkey firmly supports Palestinian independence.

Joko Widodo

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
Image Source - youthmanual.com

For the Indonesian people, his figure might be familiar. Starting a political career by serving as mayor of Solo in 2 periods, then becoming Governor of the Capital City for 2 years tenure, and is now the 7th president of this beloved Republic. Entering the 3rd year in his tenure is not excessive if we call him the most respected leader in the world. Jokowi is known not to talk much but prioritize work and work. From this slogan that caused him to receive the title of Asia's best leader in 2016.

Indonesia itself is also the country with the strongest economic growth in other countries in the Southeast Asia region. Its work in the international world is very calculated. When it was hot the issue of Donald Trump's claim against Jerusalem as the Israeli capital city of Jokowi did not remain silent. He immediately confronted the meeting with the head of the Middle East country and made a firm rejection of Trump's claims to Jerusalem to the UN Security Council.

Mao Zedong

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
Image Source - foreignpolicy.com

Mao Zedong is a Chinese revolutionary leader and founder of the People's Republic of China. Born in Shaosan, Hunan, December 26, 1893, and died in Beijing on September 9, 1976, he ruled as chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from 1949 to 1976. Marxist-Leninist theory, military strategy, and political policy are collectively known as Maoism or Mao's thought Zedong. Thanks to his leadership China became the country with the strongest economic growth in the world.

Barack Obama

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
Image Source - lobelog.com

Barrack Hussein Obama is the 44th president of the United States approved since January 20, 2009 - January 20, 2017. He represents the first African and black people in US history to succeed in winning the election. And hold office for 2 periods. He is a respected US president both at home and abroad. The various policies that were triggered greatly affected the US budget. In foreign policy, he also appealed to the US military in Iraq, increased the number of troops in Afghanistan, signed a weapons control agreement with Russia and carried out military operations which led to the death of Ossama Bin Laden.


10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
Image Source - merdeka.com

Ir. H. Soekarno was the first president and father of the proclamator of the NKRI. The man who was familiarly called Bung Karno was born in Surabaya on June 6, 1901, and died at the age of 69 in Jakarta. He was the originator of the foundation of the Indonesian state namely Pancasila. Its work in the international world is certainly no doubt. He became one of the presidents that Indonesia had ever had that was highly respected by world leaders. Thanks to his services at that time, Indonesia became a country that was calculated in the eyes of the world.

Vladimir Putin

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World
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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the current president of Russia. He was appointed as president since 2012. His political career began when he was approved as prime minister in 1999-2000. Then appointed as president in 2002-2008, again becoming prime minister in 2008-2012. And was re-elected as president since 2012-present. In the era of his leadership, he succeeded in bringing Russian growth to develop for 8 years. Measured by GDP and spending ability which increased by 72%.

Throughout his career, Putin was the highest Russian president and received the highest level of domestic and highest approval. He entered as the most influential figure in the world magazine version in 2007, and placed number 1 in 2015. While the version of Forbes magazine ranked him first as the most influential figure in the world in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

10 Most Honored Presidents in the World and is remembered for all time. Certainly being a leading figure who has both domestic and foreign interests. A leader may be a person who must be destined to become a leader. Because of the ability in leadership in all humans. Therefore love the figure of the leader of the country who is your current president.

Their sincerity and sincerity in working and bringing progress to their country are regulated. Hopefully, this article can be useful.

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