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10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries - Almost all countries that are outside the line 40 degrees south latitude and 40 degrees north latitude always experience snowfall in certain periods. Falling snow can sometimes add beauty, but it can also exacerbate beauty. There are so many countries that actually have beautiful scenery due to the falling snow.

And from around sixty countries that feel snowfall, there are 10 countries that are considered as the most beautiful snow country. what is meant by the most beautiful snow country is a country that has a beautiful view due to the snow falling.

South Korea

10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

Korea is one of the 4 seasons with a mountain topography. Mountains in the eastern region generally upstream of large rivers, such as the Han river and the Naktong river. In winter, the mountains in South Korea turn into very beautiful snow mountains.


10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

is a Nordic country in Scandinavia, the country is bordered by Norway in the west and Finland in the northeast, the Skagerrak Strait and the Kattegat Strait in the southwest, and the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia in the east. It used to be the poorest country in Europe in the 19th century, but because of its natural beauty, this country has become a well-known tourist destination and can later develop this country for the better.


10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

The land of sakura which has a beautiful natural landscape of snow fields. this country is located around 41 degrees north latitude. if it arrives winter, then the view of the city will look like a fairyland, especially if we see a view of snow on the slopes of Mount Fuji.

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10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

Iceland is a country partially covered by Snow Ice, because of that the country is named Iceland or Iceland (land of Ice). The country adjacent to Greenland is located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean.


10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

It's not wrong if Norway has the most beautiful snow scenery, this is due to the location of the Norwegian country which is on the Scandinavian peninsula and is directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Norway is a mountainous country and is mostly covered by glaciers.

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10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

Although France is one of the countries in Western Europe, France is one of the countries traversed by the Alps. no wonder the scenery is beautiful, especially if coupled with the view of Mount Blanc mountains that are on the southern coast of Western Europe, it will further add to the beauty of the natural scenery of France.


10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

The country that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean and the davis strait to the Pacific Ocean is an American country located in the northernmost part. In Canada's vast and flat meadows consisting of the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, spreading towards the Rocky Mountains will turn into a paradise of snow in winter because it is so beautiful.

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Alaska (USA Territory)

10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

In this case, Alaska is considered a state. This is because alaska is a state of the United States that is located separately from its parent country. from all the American states of Macedonia, Alaska is the state that has the most beautiful snow scenery.

New Zealand

From the list of the best snow country 1o, New Zealand is the only country that is located in the southern hemisphere. The island countries in the southwestern Pacific ocean have an extraordinary natural beauty of the mountains.


10 Most Beautiful Snow Countries

Switzerland is one of the countries in central Europe that has a beautiful view. This country which borders directly with Germany, France, Italy and Austria is mostly a region of the Alps which is famous for its beauty, so it is not surprising if Switzerland has the best snow scenery in the world.

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