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10 Best Outdoor Equipment Brands in the World

OmgUp! - Want to buy any item, definitely the brand first seen. Yes, what can I do? Brand or brand can determine the quality of the product in a bit. Likewise, choosing outdoor equipment usually depends on the brand and price.

For those of you who want to start a new hobby to be friends with nature, it's good to start by getting to know the brands of providers of outdoor equipment in the world.

10 Best Outdoor Equipment Brands in the World
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In terms of quality, all of these brands compete with each other. So, now you can specify your preferences for choosing outdoor equipment, camping, or mountain climbing from which brands.


This is one of the outdoor brands that have stood for more than 100 years. Deuter comes from Augsburg, Germany, and can easily be found all over the world. Deuter provides outdoor equipment, ranging from hiking, mountaineering and trekking. From the technology side, Deuter so the most advanced brand that is applied to all products. You can get your carrier bags, tents, and shoes.


Since the 70s, Osprey has been known as a good mountain climbing equipment provider. Various products, ranging from bags, jackets, and mountain shoes can be found from this American brand. However, the flagship product is a bag that has good durability to take to any terrain.


This Swiss brand has also been mass-produced throughout the world. You can get various high-quality outdoor activities. This brand also has spread its wings by investing its factories in various Asian countries, including China, South Korea, and Japan.


Another brand from the United States that penetrates the world market. At first, the Marmot brand was only used for documentary filmmakers in their home countries. However, it turned out to actually attract a lot of interest and eventually sold it in bulk now. One of Marmot's mainstay products is a jacket and carrier bag.

Black diamond

In the '50s, the Black Diamond brand was only a home-based company that produced outdoor activity equipment. However, they are transformed into a large company known in various Asian, European and American countries. You can get mountain shoes, jackets, and carrier bags.


Columbia is one of the most famous and complete brands of outdoor equipment. Colombia's outdoor activity equipment has been used by millions of people until now, including nature lovers in Indonesia. In the early 2000s, Colombia became the number one company in the field of sky equipment distribution. So, quality is guaranteed.


Karrimor has been producing outdoor activity equipment since 1946 ago in England. At first, the company only made hand-stitched products and sold them in the nearest stores. Now, you can get outdoor Karrimor products more easily.

Jack Wolfskin

If you go to Europe and ask about outdoor equipment, surely the answer to many people is Jack Wolfskin. This one brand is indeed quite loved in Europe since the 80s ago. Not because of its quality, Jack Wolfskin is also famous because its design is very cool.

The North Face

In 1966, two mountain climbers found a cliff that was difficult to climb. The cliff is on the northern side of the earth. That's what inspired the North Face brand that you know now. The North Face is now easier to find and an increasingly complete product line.


This one brand is made in Indonesia which was originally founded by Dyson Toba. Initially, he only made it for personal gain and only sold it to the closest people. However, the ban became more numerous and Dyson decided to sell it in bulk. Consina is also an alternative for those of you who are looking for equipment at lower prices.

These 10 Best Outdoor Equipment Brands in the World. Which one do you usually use?

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