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7 Types of People You Must Avoid When Looking for a Mate

7 Types of People You Must Avoid When Looking for a Mate - When you are a teenager and have a cold, it may be easy to find a girlfriend. As long as you like each other, you can immediately beg without regard to the shortcomings. Is he wasteful?  Don't want to commit? No problem. After all, your relationship is only a moment. However, why is the turn to find a soul mate so difficult, huh?

Finding a mate can be difficult to die. All the shortcomings that you don't care about are now factors in your judgment. Now you can no longer choose partners arbitrarily so as not to waste time, energy, and material.

You want to have a partner that you can invite to spend the rest of your life together until the end of your life. Therefore, to help find your true soul mate, you must avoid the following types of people who will only waste your time!

Don't look for a partner who is afraid of change

You must meet someone like this. He is willing to do anything so he does not need to get out of his comfort zone. He always rejects your invitations. Although any relationship requires both parties to be flexible about change.

No one can match without adapting to each other. Just avoid people who are reluctant to learn to develop themselves because that person won't want to do anything to adapt to you.

People who do not have a clear future

Nobody knows exactly what his future is. However, at least he must have the plans and targets he wants to achieve in the future. Even though he didn't know what he wanted, at least he kept trying to explore himself. If your prospective partner doesn't have or do one of them, just leave it.

People who do not have their own place to live

Having a residence is one of the signs of the establishment. And there are various plausible reasons why he doesn't have his own place to live. Maybe the funds aren't enough or he has family responsibilities that he can't leave.

However, if he still survives in his family's house because he does not dare to leave home, that is the problem with his name. Having a partner who is still dependent on others will be a big burden for you in the future.

Don't look for a partner who doesn't want to open up for you

Successful relationships require you and your partner to be open to each other's feelings. If you find someone who is cold, doesn't want to be honest with his own feelings and tends to avoid when you ask him to express himself, it's better to just stay away from him. You will not know him well if he does not want to share his thoughts and feelings with you.

People who are not ready to give up their undergraduate status

Yes, he likes you. He is crazy about you. However, he is not ready to leave his bachelor for you. For him, life is only for fun and he still doesn't know what he wants for his future. Later he will trouble you because the purpose of your life is not in the same direction.

People Who Don't Want to Have Children with You

When you reach adulthood, you must already know whether you want a child or not. If you already know the answer, can you reveal it to him? Does he have the same desire or not? If you have not found an agreement on this, the relationship will not run smoothly. Don't immediately assume your partner wants to have children with you. Always clarification by asking directly.

People Who Are Afraid of Commitments

Not that you want to get married soon, you just want to know if he really wants a long-term relationship with you or not. If from the beginning he has explained that he does not want to commit with you, you must be good friends with him.

Very unlikely you can change your mind. Believe me, you won't waste your time living with people whose desires are not in line with you and hoping he will change someday.

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