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10 Creative Ideas from Plastic Bottle Trash

10 Creative Ideas from Plastic Bottle Trash - The creative idea of used bottles is actually very much. Many things can be created from used plastic bottles. Starting from trivial things and even things that are very useful. We can use used plastic bottles from household waste as something more useful.

Plastic bottles are probably inorganic objects that are difficult to decompose if they have become trash. Therefore, reuse or recycle is a very wise thing to do. If you have several plastic bottles at home, then don't just throw them away. You can use the bottle to be more useful.

If you have small children, you can make toys from these used plastic bottles. Or you can also make some simple items that can help with household chores, such as brooms, clothes hangers, shelves, etc. Well, unique isn't it?

In this article we will discuss unique and innovative ideas for making useful items made from waste plastic bottles.

Spoons, forks, knives from plastic bottles

You can cut a plastic bottle that is rather thick with a spoon and fork pattern. Of course plastic bottles used have patterns such as spoon, fork and knife patterns. For more details, look at the picture below.

Furniture covered with a bottle cap

You can make the skeleton first with iron, then coat it with a colorful bottle cap.

Penguin dolls from plastic bottles

Used plastic bottles can also be used and made into stuffed penguins. Cut two plastic bottles, then combine between the lower end and the bottom end. Then paint to form a picture of penguins.

Unique trinkets

You can make your own jewelry accessories from a plastic bottle.

Juicer or orange squeezer from a plastic bottle

You can also squeeze oranges by using a plastic bottle. Of course the bottle must have a basin at the bottom like this picture.

Bottle watering

Watering the plants can also use a used plastic bottle. Choose a bottle that has a hand grip. Then cut a small hole in the lid.

Plastic bottle lights for the roof of the house

This innovative idea is very unique because it uses used plastic bottles as lighting. You can attach a plastic bottle filled with full water on the roof or on your tile. If day and night it will be like glowing because it reflects sunlight.

Cellphone holder

In order to tidy up the cellphone, you can make a cellphone bag from a plastic bottle and attach it to the wall.


Curtains from plastic bottles are unique too. Cut the bottom of the thin bottle, then wrap it into a curtain.

House of plastic bottles

A small house as a house to relax or a warehouse you can build using plastic bottles. Examples like this picture.

That's 10 creative ideas from used plastic bottles. You can create your own creation. The use of inorganic materials and recycling or reuse is a wise treatment. You can create your living environment with the concept of go green.

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