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Secrets of Healthy Skin Care What You Need To Know

Secrets of Healthy Skin Care What You Need To Know - Not a few number of women who crave skin smooth, soft, tight, glowing, and certainly healthy for many years. But is that possible? Maybe. Get skin care secrets and step into healthy youthful skin here.

Although it is recommended to start early in adolescence, doing skin care can be started anytime and whatever your current age. As with anybody health, a message to prevent better than cure also applies to your skin. Another goal of caring for the skin that also needs to be remembered is to delay the natural process of normal skin aging and start treatment as soon as possible.

Secrets of Healthy Skin Care What You Need To Know

So it's never too late if you have never really taken care of your skin before or do not have much time to do intensive skin care. Here are the easy steps you may already know or realize and how great the benefits for the health and beauty of the skin.

Avoid Sun Exposure and Use Sunscreen

Given that we live in tropical regions vulnerable to direct sunlight and strong enough, protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation from the sun is one of the keys to avoiding wrinkles.

Too much exposure to direct sunlight can also cause the skin to lose its moisture, experience inflammation, the appearance of black spots and other serious skin disorders, such as skin cancer. Use sunscreen every two hours if you plan to stay outdoors longer, especially between ten in the morning until two o'clock. You can choose a sunscreen lotion with SPF 24. This is to protect the skin from ultraviolet A and B radiation every time. Also, wear long-sleeved clothes but comfortable, and a hat for more comprehensive protection.

Keeping the Skin Moisturized

Bathing every day can remove fat from the skin and make the skin dry, especially if you like to shower using hot water or soak for a long time. In addition to bathing, the use of soap is too hard, medical conditions are owned, and of course, the aging factor can also make the skin dry. Overcoming dry skin by keeping moisture in the skin can be done by avoiding irritant soap, avoid bathing habits with hot water or bathing too long, pat and instead of rubbing the body with a towel after bathing, and use a moisturizer for dry skin.

Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and tries to keep the moisturizer containing SPF. Moisturizer for dry skin containing SPF is meant for moisturizer can be used every day, especially when you are outdoors exposed to sunlight. To overcome dry skin, you can choose a moisturizer that has petroleum jelly, because this content is able to lock moisture in the skin. Apply any moisturizer after bathing or washing hands and feet, when the skin is still damp.

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Stop Smoking and Choose High Nutritious Foods

Not only bad for skin health, smoking is also bad for your body's health. But you must already know this. What you probably do not know is that smoking can damage collagen and a fiber whose function provides strength and elasticity to the skin called elastin. Smoking can also reduce the flow of blood to the skin so the skin is deprived of nutrients and oxygen. This is why smoking makes your skin look dull, old and wrinkled. You do not want this to happen, do you?

Let's start reducing junk food or fast food and start eating foods that contain omega-3s, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. Get these nutrients in carrots, mangoes, spinach, tomato juice, oranges, grapes, papaya, broccoli, cabbage, fish, eggs, avocados, and nuts. The good news is that these foods can also reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer. No less important, multiple drinking glasses of water to maintain body hydration and skin moisture. So what are you waiting for, immediately begin to refine your food menu for healthy and ideal skin and body? You can see a nutritionist find out what foods are suitable and appropriate to consume according to the condition of your body.

Stay Active and Manage Stress

Fixing the diet and diet can be in vain if you are not actively exercising. Changing lifestyle including making sure the body gets enough rest and sleep time turned out to have a positive impact on the skin. Exercise improves the circulation and flow of nutrients for the skin, while sleep optimizes the growth hormone that triggers cell turnover and collagen production.

Sleep also reduces the release of stress hormones can aggravate your skin condition.Managing stress can also reduce your risk of developing diseases related to mental health disorders, such as depression. Reconsider your priorities and goals and paste time to do a hobby or something you really enjoy. As your skin care process begins, you may come across some nice skinned people who make you feel hopeless to have healthy and youthful skin. Do not be discouraged and do not give up. Some people do have nice skins that are passed on from both parents or their families. But you do not have to worry about this genetic factor because everyone's skin is different. You can still obtain or maintain a healthy skin if starting skin care as soon as possible. Regular exercise, hours and good sleep quality, healthy intake, avoid cigarettes and excessive sun exposure, and of course using a suitable skin moisturizer and according to your needs are simple things that can be used as a secret of healthy and ageless skin care.

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