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How To Improve Your Child's Immunity

How To Improve Your Child's Immunity - The immune system or immune system plays an important role in maintaining the health of the body, the system consists of cells and substances produced by the body, both of which work collectively to fight foreign substances that enter the body.

How To Improve Your Child's Immunity
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The immune system also provides protection from external influences such as infections of germs, bacteria, and viruses by involving cells and organs in the body, if the system is weakened then the resulting protection becomes weak so that germs, viruses, and bacteria can enter and grow.

This condition is often experienced by children because the immune system is not perfect so susceptible to disease, though there are several ways that can be done by parents to improve the immune system in children.

1. Provide Exclusive Breast Milk

Breastfeeding in children aged 0-6 months is used to increase body power and can provide protection against diseases associated with the digestive and respiratory system.

2. Playing in the Environment

Parents often worry when their child plays in a dirty environment while playing in such an environment can boost the child's immune system to fully develop.

3. Many Laughs

Conducting a habit that can make a child laugh is one way to help increase the production of cells that can help boost immunity by killing germs that cause flu and colds.

4. Rest Enough

Improving the immune system can be done by resting adequately because the portion of healthy children sleeps with age 3-12 years to reach 10 hours each day.

5. Reduce Giving Antibiotics

Giving too many antibiotics to children can weaken the immune system.

6. Avoiding Air Pollution

Air pollution can damage the cilia of hair inside the nose that serves as a deterrent to the entry of foreign objects into the body so keep children away from air pollution such as combustion smoke, cigarette smoke, and pollution caused by some other chemicals.

7. Give Foods That Can Improve Immunity

Providing a useful food intake to boost immunity is one of the best ways to boost your child's immune system, including soy milk, fish, eggs, honey, vegetables, and fruits.

This method can be applied easily by keeping paying attention and monitoring the growth and the habits of children every day

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