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How to Build Google Preferred Link Building

Daddy Howto - Backlink is an important thing needed by every blog/website in order to compete with other blog/website in search engine. That's why link building is always touted & often appears in SEO. There are two important reasons behind the link building business that you Bloggers are doing:
  1. You need a backlink because you want the site/blog on search engines, especially Google.
  2. You need backlinks if you want to fight in a niche brought or presented, that is when you want people to know you as an expert in the niche.

However, there are things that must be underlined in the context of the importance of link building here. A fact that can no longer be denied, namely that thousands of links that are planted can not necessarily be called & become backlinks, let alone quality backlinks. Many neglect one important concept that is the key to link building: QUALITY.

How to Build Google Preferred Link Building
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It can not be denied again that many bloggers think that thousands of backlinks built in a haphazard & instant way can make search engines glance. In fact, there are also reply to pay to get thousands of links, which is actually not known exactly where the link was placed & on what kind of sites. In fact, the facts are: have thousands of backlinks from low-quality sites, irrelevant, links placed in the footer, link exchange (link exchange), sites that sell links, link spam, and all kinds of it nothing compared to 10 quality backlinks. Yes, enough 10 quality backlinks alone will change the authority of the blog/web. let alone 10, one quality backlink alone can increase PageRank.

What Does Google Rate As A Qualified Backlink?

Google considers a link as a quality link if it is derived or referenced from content/content of web pages/blogs that have a high degree of relevance.
Google places great emphasis on the relevance or relevance of the content. That's why Google Panda then slapped out all the web/blog that only win in keyword but poor relevance.

For example, let's say you search for content on Google with the keyword "Fruit Wine", then put also two content appear in the first and second order in the search result page:

  1. The first content mentions the types, tastes, origin, prices, and benefits of grapes.
  2. The second content is the writing of a blogger on a personal blog that mentions about the fondness of eating grapes as a hobby that cannot be abandoned because it makes him remember his girlfriend. bla..bla..bla ..

Which of the two content above is more useful for you? If you then click on the second content and see the contents are not related to the desired, then it is likely to press the "back" button or close the window of the content page. Well, created the so-called "Bounce Rate", the level of inertia, where the higher the value or percentage, the smaller the value or value of importance. The real example, this case often occurs when we enter and stuck on the site/blog AGC or doorway page which contains only keywords without content. We will immediately press the back or close button. And this is also a consideration of Google in determining the ranking and value. User experience is now Google's reference in judging.

What Relation with Quality Link Building?

Call me write a blog post about link building tips. Then on another occasion, you are invited to the guest blogger in another SEO blog then write about do follow & no follow links. Inside the post then you create a link that leads to your blog post with keyword "link building tips". This is what can then be called a very high-quality backlink, apart from some other contexts about the condition of blogs that will be discussed later.

If the guest post is published in a health-themed blog, and in the link to the same post, it's still a link, but not a quality link. It could be, if creative, the link can be surrounded with some words related to the link, then there is a possibility the link is considered qualified. But of course, this can damage the content of the article itself because there are confusions and can confuse the reader. Given the user experience is now affecting the algorithm in determining the ranking, of course, this is not good.

The first conclusion: niche conditions, themes, the context surrounding the link influence in determining the quality or not a link. The higher the relevance, the more quality a backlink.

The second condition that affects the quality of links and blog/web is the quality of the page redirect the link and where the link is directed. If a blog/web has too many outbound links, has too many themes or niches and unclear directions, and redirects links to low-quality pages or even gets a Google penalty, this can degrade the quality of the blog/website along with links -link.

So, if you are building links on a blog/web, it's good to see some of the following:

  1. Note whether the blog/web has a high-quality content & have the value of authority and also a high originality also.
  2. See if the blog/website has too many outbound links irrelevant, such as an exchange link either automatic or manual number too much to beat the links from blog/web itself.
  3. See if the blog/web has ad space with the number of ads too much. Moreover, if any of these ads are referral links. Ads that are too numerous to beat the interest of the content (damaging the focus on the content) may affect the quality.
  4. See if the site is a site link farm or content farm (plantation links and content, hehe ... not .. that means sites that only contain links but there is no content or sites that are a collection of articles only but not clear what direction the goal, for example, AGC, Autoblog, etc.). Such blogs are usually involved in link wheel schemes, incoming and outgoing links only for referral purposes, etc.

More about quality content can listen in Quality Content Criteria According to Google.

Link Building Natural

Google also spies the level of link building speed of a blog/web. Link building needs to be done in the natural way possible for Google to see it as a process that is not artificial (artificial) or unnatural. How is link building unnatural or unnatural? Simple. Link building is too aggressive.

Put you using an automated service or software that can create thousands of backlinks in a short time, for example in a week. So within a week you already have thousands of backlinks. Then the next week you do not get the means to get automatic backlinks again. So no backlinks that week. The next week, after googling, obtained software with so much price to create backlinks with the number of thousands. Then the next month, link building stopped again. And so on, and so on. This is just an example, of course without any tool you can create backlinks so, at least hundreds, by way of spamming. If the pattern is so, Google can then read the pattern and most likely the process is considered unnatural. Moreover, if the web/blog just created, for example in a month, but already has thousands of backlinks, this is more natural! So make sure the number of backlinks that made it natural may match the ability of a human in making it.

Then How to Build Natural Links?

Actually very simple. For example:

  1. Through dofollow blog, we can get backlinks through comments, of course with reasonable limits as well. That is by contributing a weighty comment, and not spam.
  2. Guest post. Become a guest blogger who wrote articles for other blogs. In addition to providing quality backlinks, can also increase the author's authority.
  3. Participate in forums and leave referral links appropriate to the conversation & niche.
  4. Original articles (own writing) and typical tend to get the spotlight and become a reference. Many Bloggers who then refer to other blog article links as a reference. If the blog article is copied, make sure there is a backlink installed correctly, other than as a form of respect from other Bloggers who take the article in accordance with the ethics, providing a backlink is also a plus. This means that bloggers who take articles and bloggers whose articles are taken to have mutual relationships mutually beneficial. So no one is harmed.
  5. Do the pattern of link building with reasonable-fair and not lame. If you work alone for a blog, creating hundreds of links in a week actually already exceeds a reasonable limit. Pay attention to quality, not quantity. The lame pattern relates to the example already mentioned above. Do link building with the same routine, so the addition of backlinks read by Google does not indicate any pattern that is engineered.

The point is, do not just build links but build quality links. That is, there are some important requirements which I can summarize here: Original, qualified, and related content when linked to being built or planted; blog/web quality (with reference to some of the things mentioned above); and a natural link building business. If done in such a way, undoubtedly not only the authority of blog/web only high in the eyes of search engines, but also your authority as Bloggers, writers, & experts in a particular niche in the eyes of people.

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