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Business Opportunity Becoming An Online Marketer

Daddy Howto - We already know the profession as an online marketer or also called the internet marketer? Most of these professions are run by young people because this is a relatively new kind of work.

When the internet comes up and many people use the internet, this new profession looks interesting. Of course, young people who are more interested in this profession because they can be said to be literate on the latest internet-based technology.
Business Opportunity Becoming An Online Marketer

How Promising an Internet Marketer Profession?

Internet marketers or often called IM or IMers to be one of the many business opportunities are in demand today. This can not be separated from the opportunities that are so great in terms of getting the gains from being an online marketer.

You just imagine almost everyone using gadgets that can be used for browsing on the internet. The changed behavior of people who used to shop in stores now does not hesitate to shop online.

Adryan Fitra can be used as proof of how tempting to become an online marketer. He became very famous when he earned 1 billion rupiah revenue by becoming a Google Adsense publisher (one type of internet marketing business).

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From his expertise, he is now not only a publisher but also into the category or other types of internet marketing business.

Rakean Gagah has a different story. With Rakean's simple site get a turnover of about 3.6 billion per year. And many more stories from other successful online marketers such as Rudi Salim who runs online financing business of online sales transactions, Suwandi Chow an internet marketing consultant and reliable copywriting, and so forth.

Of course, there are also internet or online marketers who fail. Every business there is a risk of failure. Stay You can minimize the bad risks or not. And it turns out, some of the above names are able to minimize the risk of failure so that they successfully undergo profession as an internet marketer.

What Does An Online Marketer Do?

From the name alone, you can actually guess what is done by someone who works as an online marketer. He is a marketing a service or a product. Only, the way marketing is done online, which uses the internet.

However, there are many types of internet marketing business.


As mentioned earlier, Adryan Fitra is a publisher who earns 1 billion rupiah. You know what he is doing? As a publisher, he must create a site that attracts many people. On the site, there will be ads posted on the site page. The more people who click on ads, the income of a publisher will be higher. The concept is like that.

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The most famous to date is the Google Adsense publisher. The reason is, Google Adsense provides a high income for every publisher who has a site with a lot of traffic.


This affiliate business is different from the publisher. Your job as an affiliate is to include certain links so that the reader is interested in clicking and ultimately creating a service or product offered. So, to say an affiliate is someone who promotes a site that offers a product or service.

Typically, an affiliate will create content whether it is in the form of articles or videos that review a product or service. If any reader ends up purchasing the product or taking the service, then the affiliate will get a commission.

Email Marketing

It can be said that this is the oldest type of online marketing. Before the existence of online marketing model, as it is today by utilizing search engines and also social media, email marketing becomes a powerful marketing strategy. However, with the emerging online marketing strategy as it is today, it does not mean email marketing is not effective anymore. Proven online large companies are still using this strategy.

Basically, someone who runs an email marketing business helps business owners, companies, or whichever party wants to do marketing. Thus, the company will be more famous and expected products or services offered more and more desirable.

Actually, there are many other types of online marketing business. To be sure, business opportunities like this is right for you to try amid people's habits using internet facilities and change their behavior by no longer hesitate to transact online.

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