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7 Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Daddy Howto - Lots of perpetrators of online business use social media to promote products / services they offer. In addition, many people claimed to successfully utilize Facebook, Twitter, BBM, etc. to sell. From there we are interested, then when we try to imitate the results are very disappointing. Then what distinguishes it? Here is an error in Social Media Marketing

1. Expect direct sales from social media

7 Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

94% use social media for family and friends purposes. Whether it's seeing photos, chatting, or reading status. Even 62% feel social media does not affect their decision to buy. Therefore, our goal is active in social media not to sell. But to build a brand.

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2. Always talk about yourself

They stop by social media to find news about friends or family, or search for interesting content. Hence, if you just make a post every day about the latest product, product price list, and the like, no one will be interested in you. Creating Content attracts many people, but the topic remains relevant to the product being sold.

3. Assume content is king

Buyer persona is a profile or description of people who will be interested and able to buy from you. For example if you market a fitness supplement product, then its persona is the people who routinely to the gym to train muscles. Not other people.

4. Using social media the wrong way

Socializing out means we are looking for a place that many people in social media, such as Facebook Groups for example.

Here's what we do there:

  • Make an interesting post
  • Answering other people's questions
  • Useful discussions
  • Invite them to your place

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5. Use cunning ways to get follower and like

Do not buy like and follower. Find followers in a legitimate way, by creating interesting content. Do not look for followers who will not be interested in your content.

6. Using the 4P principle instead of 4E

They assume that when doing marketing in social media (and other media) they should talk about 4P:

  • Product: talk about the benefits of its products
  • Price: inform product price, give discount
  • Place: Tells the location of the store
  • Promotion: invite them to buy

It's 100% wrong.

do 4E:

  • Engage: invite them to interact
  • Educate: create informative, educational, useful content
  • Excite: create content that makes them enthusiastic to get them back to you
  • Evangelize: get them to recommend your products to others

7. Social as the only marketing medium

Build brand in social media. Use FB Ads to get their contacts. Create content on your own website, use social media as a place of distribution. And bring people who want to buy to your website

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